Metal art

All pieces of metal art are created and hand crafted from 16 gage carbon steel. All art is designed and hand cut by the artist using a hand held plasma cutter. Due to this process there will always be variations in shape and appearance.

Grinding the steel according to shape, size and features gives a reflective appearance. The steel is then molded and shaped by hand peening the steel from the backside to give a 3-D appearance.

All colors are achieved by hand heating the steel, each color representing a different temperature range, the heat makes the colors appear transparent and reveals the previous grinding pattern. Using this coloring process no two pieces can ever be duplicated, which makes every piece an individual piece of art.

All pieces are then sealed in an automotive clear coat sealer to achieve a high luster finish and prevent rusting. All art is produced solely and personally hand crafted in it’s entirety by the artist.

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